How Long to Dry?

DID YOU KNOW that when you have your carpet professionally cleaned it can take as little as one hour to dry — and, according to some reports, as long as THREE DAYS to dry?

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, the certifying body for professional carpet cleaners, carpet should take about six to eight hours to dry, and never longer than 24 hours to dry because after that amount of time, microbial growth (like mold and mildew) can begin to grow.

No one wants that!

This is why you need a complete carpet cleaning system that guarantees your carpet is dry fast. How fast? It depends on the carpet type you have and also the weather conditions the day you have your carpet cleaned.

Sad to say, some experience really long drying times when they have their carpet cleaned. Who knows why this happens, except that it never should happen!

One thing is for sure, having your carpet cleaned should be a pleasant experience and after it is clean, you should be able to get back onto the carpet and back to a normal family routine quickly. Some companies don’t have the powerful cleaning machines necessary for doing the best work, and some don’t have the training they should.

When you have your carpet cleaned, or your furniture or hard floors like wood, granite, marble and all the different surfaces you may have, you deserve complete satisfaction and the best cleaning you will ever see.

Remember: Clean and dry – that’s the goal!

Where have all the good Missoula carpet cleaners gone?

I have been hearing from a lot of people in the Missoula area recently that make the comment ‘We are trying to find somone that knows how to clean carpets’.

They tell me the last cleaner lacked professionalism, they were not dressed nicely, used swear words while in the customers home, smelled like cigarrettes and even used the bathroom to relieve themselves. Yes, people volunteered this information while I was cleaning for them.

I know that when I am in someone’s home, I am a guest in their private domain and conduct myself accordingly. I am there to clean up, not leave a mess.

As far as knowing how to clean carpets, I have been cleaning for 33 years and I am trained in using a variety of machinery and techniques. Residential as well as commercial. Truck mounted steam cleaning, low moisture dry cleaning, pet stain removal, upholstery and hard floor cleaning .

When hiring Fred’s Carpet Cavalry you get the owner on every job, not an untrained cleaner with little experience. So pick up your phone and call me on my cell 406-543-8535

Does carpeting contribute to allergies?

Here is a link to an article about carpeting and allergies.
Carpet acts like a filter trapping and holding allergens that can become more easily airborne off of a hard surface floor.
Regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpeting helps decrease allergens.
click here to read about carpet and allergies

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Quick drying carpets

You need your carpet cleaned but you don’t like the long drying time.
Fred’s Carpet Cavalry understands that and takes measures to dry your carpeting as rapidly as possible.
Get your carpet cleaned today and use it in as little as a few short hours
And don’t forget that you get the owner on every job.