Where have all the good Missoula carpet cleaners gone?

I have been hearing from a lot of people in the Missoula area recently that make the comment ‘We are trying to find somone that knows how to clean carpets’.

They tell me the last cleaner lacked professionalism, they were not dressed nicely, used swear words while in the customers home, smelled like cigarrettes and even used the bathroom to relieve themselves. Yes, people volunteered this information while I was cleaning for them.

I know that when I am in someone’s home, I am a guest in their private domain and conduct myself accordingly. I am there to clean up, not leave a mess.

As far as knowing how to clean carpets, I have been cleaning for 33 years and I am trained in using a variety of machinery and techniques. Residential as well as commercial. Truck mounted steam cleaning, low moisture dry cleaning, pet stain removal, upholstery and hard floor cleaning .

When hiring Fred’s Carpet Cavalry you get the owner on every job, not an untrained cleaner with little experience. So pick up your phone and call me on my cell 406-543-8535

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